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This tutorial and the program(s) used are available for both Windows and Mac users. . .


Select your mesh and import it. . .

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There's a new mod that was released for Yandere Simulator called the Customization Mod and we are playing it today.

Monsters & Mortals - Yandere Simulator.

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The name of the text document is going to determine the name of the cutscene, for example if you name it "Junko's legendary hair", when you open Yandere Simulator you search for the cutscene with the name of "Junko's legendary hair". Haven’t you ever wanted to create a Character Maker with your illustrations?.

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Check the type and make sure it's 'Mesh'.


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Move the mouse to move the camera angle. . Hey!! I'm really happy to finally show off my latest mod on Yandere Simulator!I hope you'll like it!///Links///Download the mod here on Mega: https://mega. . . Apr 1, 2023 - This Pin was discovered by Yan-Chan.

Main Article: Yandere Simulator In the future, it.

Her World. Coming soon.

Apr 1, 2023 - This Pin was discovered by Yan-Chan.

Choose a folder and export it.


This tutorial.

Without them, we wouldn't exist.